Recently, I have noticed that when my 2 year old son does something successfully he turns to us and screams “I did it!” with his hands raised in the air.  It fun to see his excitement. I think we all need to recognize our accomplishments in life, no matter how big or small.

Last week, I ran 1 mile. I did it! 1 mile. It was my first mile in almost 3 months.  Oh, how I have missed running. I took it super easy for fear of the “strain” to come back to my outer knee.

Something that I recommend for everybody who is interested in running, is proper running techniques. Last week, before my 1 mile run, I had a friend that is an avid runner teach me more about proper running techniques.  Avoiding heel striking, posture, arms, cadence, etc. It was a great lesson.  He works at Runner’s Corner in Orem, UT. He filmed me “before” and “after”. Let’s just say there is a big difference.  It works different muscles and it feels like I am starting from scratch when running.

Is it worth it?  Yes. My friend and I think that my heel striking was a big factor in my knee injury.


I have not exactly been running. It has been two months since I ran last.  I keep having this feeling to wait, so I do. What I have been doing is working out.  For work, they allow us to use the weightlifting facility that the football players use (Thank you Southern Utah University).  This has saved me a lot of money. The other great thing…. there is a trainer there to help out.  Most of the time there are only a few of us so we get him all to ourselves.  Of course, we focus on exercises for runners.

If you have experienced a knee injury similar to mine (friction where the IT band connects with the knee) then this is for you.

I asked him about what types of exercises to do for my type of injury.  Nothing against the dr or the physical therapist, but this guy seemed to know more about what to do than they did.  He gave me the following exercises to use to focus on quad’s and hamstring.

Barbell Deadlifts, exercise ball curls and the third which I don’t have a name for… but you are on your knees with a person behind you holding down your feet. I fall forward catching myself and then slightly pushing back up, but most of the effort of getting up comes from your legs and core.

I have also been doing squats, lunges, bench press, and others.  It has been great. I have been challenged, but not too overwhelmed.

Running to commence

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I am either going to run this week or first of next week. I can’t believe it has been over a month since I ran last.

The pain is still at the front of my mind. I really don’t want to rush it if my knee needs more time to rest, but I am getting anxious to run.

We run as a family. Half marathon in st. George in January. That is my goal.

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No running here

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I have not been running in a while. I sure do miss it.

I think my knee needs a little more time before I start running again.

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What do I do now? Wait it out I guess.

I asked a friend who just finished physicians assistant school what the injection entails. He recommends it according to what I am feeling and experiencing. He said it is a pretty potent steroid and I should feel relief within a few days or weeks.

So I guess physical therapy is out for now. I will wait a few more weeks while I ice and rest my knee. I do recommend the r.i.c.e. treatment. It will help you. Lots of massaging that focuses on the area that hurts will also help.

Am I getting anxious to run? Yes. Am I learning patience? Yes. Will I run again. You bet I will. Next up is to run a mile or two without pain.

Have you ever noticed that when you run you always have a goal? If not, you should. Always be pushing yourself.

Results are in

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I have mixed emotions about the results of the MRI on my left knee. That it came back normal should be exciting news. But the fact is, the pain is still there. Now it is there when I walk sometimes. I just don’t get it. The original doctor said to come in and possibly get injections. Not sure why or what that even means. It seems odd to do that when we don’t even know he problem. Not sure I will go back to the doctor. Seems

The other issue I am facing…. I have not run in a while and I AK beginning to feel lazy again. I am tired by 5 pm. It should not have to be this way. 

Time to implement other means of exercise.

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Well, I had the MRI this morning.  It was quite the experience. That machine is huge and I am definitely glad I didn’t have to stick my head in there. The part that was not fun was that I was told to be completely still. I find that difficult, but even more difficult when you start to get that “itch”. It was on my leg, but couldn’t do anything about it for 10 minutes. crazy. It was hard to distract myself from the “pain” of the itch.

I didn’t get instant results telling me why my knee has been hurting, but they will come in the next couple of days. I really really hope that we get answers to figure out where the pain is coming from and figure out why a month of physical therapy didn’t help.