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Running to commence

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I am either going to run this week or first of next week. I can’t believe it has been over a month since I ran last.

The pain is still at the front of my mind. I really don’t want to rush it if my knee needs more time to rest, but I am getting anxious to run.

We run as a family. Half marathon in st. George in January. That is my goal.

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What do I do now? Wait it out I guess.

I asked a friend who just finished physicians assistant school what the injection entails. He recommends it according to what I am feeling and experiencing. He said it is a pretty potent steroid and I should feel relief within a few days or weeks.

So I guess physical therapy is out for now. I will wait a few more weeks while I ice and rest my knee. I do recommend the r.i.c.e. treatment. It will help you. Lots of massaging that focuses on the area that hurts will also help.

Am I getting anxious to run? Yes. Am I learning patience? Yes. Will I run again. You bet I will. Next up is to run a mile or two without pain.

Have you ever noticed that when you run you always have a goal? If not, you should. Always be pushing yourself.

I have been to physical therapy 4 times now. What I originally thought to be an IT band problem might be more than just soft tissue damage. My ability to run even short distances is on hold.

I will try and get scheduled for an MRI soon. I am sad because I thought doing physical therapy would heal me. Nope.

I am saddened because every time I see a runner I wish it was me. There was a half marathon today and I couldn’t run it.

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August 27th was a long day. One of the best ever! We decided to run the fish lake relayback in July when we ran the liberty 5k in richfield.

Our team name – slower than cold tar sponsored by Blake electric co.

Team: Slower than Cold Tar

Start time: 6:30am

I was excited to run but nervous for my knee. My first run was practically up hill and surprisingly my knee did not hurt as bad as my calf muscles.

My knee on the second run was ok to start off. I could tell there was pain but bearable. About 1 or 1.5 mileage into this run the pain became excruciating. With about 3 miles to go it felt like the energy in my knee went out. Each step sent a Sharp pain on the outside Of my knee. Yes it was hot outside but that was not my problem.

The pain almost brought me to tears but I was determined not to let myself or ky team down. I dug deep and began to think that people that have been key players in my life. That is what kept me going. I only stopped for water but to get going again was hard for the pain was greater on start up. I knew each step was painful but it would get me closer to my goal. I am grateful for my team as they helped me get through the last few miles.

Let’s just say that each of us had our struggle on our 2nd leg. Between the heat and longer miles each of us were dealing with some sort of adversity. It was a humbling experience to watch team members push through each step.

We completed our first relay as a team. I could not have been more proud of my team. Can’t wait for my knee to heal so I can get back to running.

What keeps you motivated?

I began physical therapy this past week. Training for a marathon is taxing on my body. I have been to the Dr. twice and it is either a strain or tendonitis.

I would rather see a physical therapist than a physician. I feel like the physician only wants to see you for 2 minutes then it is on to the next patient. It seems to be about money for them not helping you as a person.

My treatment began at the physical therapist and I was there for two hours. Awesome. I am getting the attention and advice to get my knee healed. Lots of stretching and massaging and icing.

I have strains in two places the IT band and hamstring. I believe it is called iliotibial band syndrome or runners knee which comes from overuse when adding miles.  My guess is that I was not stretching properly before/after my runs.

Here is a stretch I use for my IT band

I have also been told to ice the lateral side (left leg) of my leg, behind the knee and just below the knee on the soleus muscle

More to come as I begin this journey to heal.

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